Baby Boy Cardigan Infant Toddler Crochet Sweater V-Neck,Button Up,Knitted Pattern Pullover Sweatshirt Spring



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Brand: WeddingPach


  • Size: Kids baby boy knit cardigan is suitable for little boy between 1-5 years. If you are not sure whether the sweater fits your baby, please measure and choose the size according to the product information and measurement data provided by us.
  • Material- New design button coats is made of high quality knitted materials. Soft cotton and elastic polyester used on the boys cardigan make baby cozy and warm, no harsh chemical, eco-friendly to baby's tender skin.
  • Design- Knit pattern and classic buttons design, long sleeve with elastic sleeve opening and lower hem, wind resistant and comfortable. Classic V-neck design without rubbing the neck. Give your little boy the best comfort.
  • Quality- We focuses on soft cotton, safe fabric and novel design. The collection abides by the belief that kids should always be comfortable, snuggly and safe, free to do what they do best: play, sleep and thrive.This boy warm sweater does not have any bad smell which is important because we know kids' skin is sensitive.
  • Occasion- Unique style, a fashion lightweight outfit, suitable for home and yard wear at home, birthday party, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and other happy holidays. Best match with any style clothes,pants.

Details: Our team aims at supplying special and comfortable clothing for little girls and boys. It provides kids with fashionable,
comfortable and high-quality children's clothes, and is deeply trusted and loved by fashion mothers.

If you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member, you've found the right place!
Our baby boy cardigan are suitable for kids between 1-5 years. Please check the size chart carefully before your order.
If you are not sure, please take a larger size.
We use nature organic, so our crochet baby sweater is very soft and warm,no harsh chemicals against baby's thinner skin.
And we use a special process,it holds it shape and does not shrink.

Washing attention:
1. Boys cotton sweater washing to use neutral detergent, can not use detergent,for fiber fabric,its alkaline is too strong,and the fiber is not alkali.
2. Washing infant boy sweater,can not force rubbing,twisting twist,so as not to cause sweater deformation;only gently rubbing.
3. If the baby white sweater boy dyeing fastness is good,can be washed with warm water.

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