Baby Feeding Set | Silicone Bib Plates Bowls Spoons | Divided Plate Suction Bowl & Soft Spoon Aids Self Feeding | Adjustable Bib Easily Wipe Clean | Spend Less Time Cleaning Up After Toddler/Babies


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Brand: EVLA'S

Color: Lime Green and Turquoise


  • 🏁 We are the ORIGINAL COMPLETE BABY FEEDING SET ON AMAZON 🏁 They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however, please be aware that many LOW-QUALITY COMPETITORS are FLOODING THE MARKET with similar looking products containing POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS WHITE FILLERS. Please do your research before purchasing ⚡ We are including a FREE BONUS REUSABLE FOOD POUCH for a limited time only ⚡
  • ❤️ Because YOUR CHILDREN ARE TOO PRECIOUS, our set is MADE FROM 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE meeting the HIGHEST FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS (FDA & Strict European standards - LFGB). Unlike most of our competitors, our silicone baby plates and bowls actually STAY ON THE HIGH CHAIR, are UNBREAKABLE, UNSCRATCHABLE and are also ANTI-MOULD
  • ❤️ Because LESS CLEARING UP and LESS LAUNDRY means you get a little bit more of that PRECIOUS 'ME' TIME. Our entire set is DISHWASHER & FREEZER SAFE or can even be STERILISED IN BOILING WATER (if you are complete germophobes like us)
  • ❤️ Because all moms love to see their kids eat healthy and nutritious food, our SUCTION BOWL & SOFT SPOONS have been specifically designed to AID SELF-FEEDING. Our WATERPROOF SILICONE BIB contains a LARGE POCKET THAT STAYS OPEN meaning NO MORE EXTRA LAUNDRY or RUINED CLOTHES
  • ❤️ Your satisfaction is most important to us. If you are not happy for ANY reason, let us know and we will MAKE IT RIGHT or REFUND YOUR MONEY ANYTIME, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We pride ourselves in our customer service and will do everything we can to earn your business

Publisher: The EVLA Group

Details: ARE MEALTIMES IN YOUR HOUSE MESSY AND STRESSY? ... AND RESULT IN A WHOLE LOAD OF EXTRA CLEANING, WASHING AND LAUNDRY? We know the exact feeling! And that's why we have put together our convenient PREMIUM FEEDING SET for your baby or toddler. Our set represents great VALUE FOR MONEY including: ? A NON-SLIP DIVIDER BABY PLATE with attached silicone placemat for extra grip. This is great for PORTION CONTROL, MINIMIZING MESS and still small enough to FIT COMFORTABLY ON MOST HIGH CHAIRS.? A round SUCTION BABY BOWL which grips to your highchair, ensuring no more accidental spills.? 2 EASY CLEAN & ADJUSTABLE SILICONE BIBS with a LARGE POCKET that actually STAYS OPEN for those super MESSY EATERS. Your dog may go hungry! ? 2 SOFT TIP SPOONS which are perfect for PROMOTING SELF-FEEDING.All items are made from 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE adhering to the highest safety standards.Like you, our children are the most important thing to us in the world. That's why we have ensured the silicone we use in our products is 100% SAFE AND CONTAINS NO BPA, PVC OR ANY OTHER NASTY FILLERS. Raising your little boy or girl is challenging enough without all the cleaning & washing that goes with it. That's why our products are all DISHWASHER SAFE.Given their naturally flexible and foldable material, they are also great for SQUEEZING INTO A HANDBAG for moms who are always on the go. Our premium silicone bibs are SOFT, FLEXIBLE AND EXTREMELY PRACTICAL - they can be WASHED AND DRIED IN SECONDS. In addition, silicon is naturally WATERPROOF and STAIN RESISTANT, so it will not soak up water or food, making it ANTI-MOLD and ANTI-MILDEW. Please click 'BUY NOW' or 'ADD TO CART' to secure your RISK FREE PURCHASE, as you are fully covered by our NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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