Baby Smock With Long Sleeves-Toddler Soft Bib For 6-24 Months


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Brand: VS-Foru


  • Soft smock bibs suitable for baby boy and baby girl,This toddlers smock is made of polyester fabric mixed with flexible materials, soft and comfortable touch.
  • Large pocket,for dropped food: The pocket is designed on the chest, so that it is easier to catch the food baby dropped, and reduce the probability of dirty clothes.
  • No liquid that the baby leaks when drinking water, milk and juice, etc.,
  • Comfortable,elastic cuff and collar:For a more comfortable experience for babies, this apron for baby has elastic cuffs and neckline, and the elastic edge is widened to make it more convenient to use and more comfortable to wear and take off.
  • Easy to wear and take off:These bibs have Velcro design, which avoids the trouble of tying the belt and is easy to wear and take off.It has special fabrics

Publisher: VS-Foru

Details: Are you still worried about your baby getting dirty at dinner?

How many baby smock products have you tried?

Want to give up?


Please take a good look at this baby smock:
Milk, juice? Not afraid of

Jam, chocolate sauce? Can be wipe it

Bread crumbs, food scraps? All caught

Baby's paint? Easy to wash

clothes from getting dirty.

You're sure to like such a convenient product.

There are six styles to choose from.

Different styles, same overvalues.