BOBORA Merry Christmas Holiday Family Matching Pajamas Reindeer Classic Plaid Pajama PJ Sets



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  • 🎁Christmas Day Outfits--The whole family members, mother, father, grandparents, kids, all wear the matching PJs to sleep in Christmas Eve and wear when opening presents on Christmas morning, a necessary ceremony
  • 🎁Christmas Through the Generations--Take the pictures with the parents and kids all in the same matching jammies, for maximum cuteness, precious memory
  • 🎁Cute and Stretchy, Great Quality--Made of 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex, pretty comfy, recommend wash them before wearing, the material will be softer after washing
  • 🎁Best Christmas Gifts: I think they will be the best Christmas gifts for your whole family member
  • 🎁Pajamas Set--If you want to order for the whole family members, you need to buy them separately

Details: Size Chart:

Please refer the below heights to select the size.
For Men's and Women's, if fat, you can select a size up.

Size S/175------Bust:102cm/40.2"-----Pant length: 103cm/40.6"--Suitable for 5'9'' height men
Size M/180-----Bust:106cm/41.7"-----Pant length: 106cm/41.7"--Suitable for 5'11'' height men
Size L/185------Bust:110cm/43.3"-----Pant length: 109cm/42.9"--Suitable for 6'1'' height men
Size XL/190-----Bust:114cm/44.9"-----Pant length: 112cm/44.1"--Suitable for 6'3'' height men

Size S/165-----Bust:96cm/37.8"------Pant length: 98cm/38.6"---Suitable for 5'5'' height women
Size M/170----Bust:100cm/39.4"-----Pant length: 101cm/39.8"--Suitable for 5'7'' height women
Size L/175-----Bust:104cm/40.9"-----Pant length: 104cm/40.9"--Suitable for 5'9'' height women
Size XL/180----Bust:108cm/42.5"-----Pant length: 107cm/42.1"--Suitable for 5'11'' height women

Size 80/1-2Y-----Bust:54cm/21.3"-----Pant length: 47cm/18.5"--Suitable for 32in toddlers
Size 90/2-3Y-----Bust:57cm/22.4"-----Pant length: 51cm/20.1"--Suitable for 36in toddlers
Size 100/3-4Y----Bust:60cm/23.6"-----Pant length: 55cm/21.7"--Suitable for 40in toddlers
Size 110/4-5Y----Bust:63cm/24.8"-----Pant length: 59cm/23.2"--Suitable for 44in toddlers
Size 120/5-6Y----Bust:66cm/26"-------Pant length: 63cm/24.8"--Suitable for 48in toddlers

Size 60/3-6M------Length:56cm/22"-------Bust:52cm/20.5"--Suitable for 25ins infants
Size 70/6-9M------Length:60cm/23.6"-----Bust:55cm/21.7"--Suitable for 28ins infants
Size 80/9-12M-----Length:64cm/25.2"-----Bust:58cm/22.8"--Suitable for 31ins infants
Size 90/12-18M----Length:68cm/26.8"-----Bust:61cm/24"---Suitable for 34ins infants