BOBORAChristmas Pajamas for Family, Merry Christmas Santa Classic Plaid Matching Family Xmas Pajama Set


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  • 🎅Great Quality, Cute and Stretchy--Made of 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex, pretty comfy, recommend wash them before wearing, the material will be softer after washing
  • 🎅Matching Christmas Pajamas--The same Merry Christmas letter and Santa Claus pattern, classic red plaid pants, suitable for women, men, toddlers, infants, newborns
  • 🎅Christmas Day Outfits--The whole family members wear the matching PJs to sleep in Christmas Eve and wear when opening presents Christmas morning, a necessary ceremony
  • 🎅Christmas Through the Generations--Take the pictures with the parents and kids all in the same matching jammies, for maximum cuteness, precious memory. If you want to order for the whole family members, you need to buy them separately
  • 🎅Pajamas Set--If you want to order for the whole family members, you need to buy them separately

Details: Size Chart:

Please refer the below heights to select the size.
For Men's and Women's, if fat, you can select a size up.

Size M/175-----Length:27.56"-----Pants length:40.55"-----Waist:28.34"--Suitable for 5'9'' height men
Size L/180------Length:28.34"-----Pants length:41.73"-----Waist:29.52"--Suitable for 5'11'' height men
Size XL/185----Length:29.13"-----Pants length:42.91"-----Waist:30.70"--Suitable for 6'1'' height men
Size XXL/190---Length:29.92"-----Pants length:44.09"-----Waist:31.89"--Suitable for 6'3'' height men

Size S/165-----Length:25.19"-----Pants length:38.58"---Waist:25.59"--Suitable for 5'5'' height women
Size M/170----Length:25.98"-----Pants length:39.76"----Waist:26.77"--Suitable for 5'7'' height women
Size L/175-----Length:26.77"-----Pants length:40.94"----Waist:27.95"--Suitable for 5'9'' height women
Size XL/180----Length:27.56"-----Pants length:42.13"----Waist:29.13"--Suitable for 5'11'' height women

Size XS/2T/80----Length:14.56"-----Pants length:18.50"--Suitable for 32in toddlers
Size S/3T/90------Length:15.35"-----Pants length:20.07"--Suitable for 36in toddlers
Size M/4T/100----Length:16.14"-----Pants length:21.65"--Suitable for 40in toddlers
Size L/5T/110-----Length:16.93"-----Pants length:23.22"--Suitable for 44in toddlers
Size XL/6T/120----Length:17.71"-----Pants length:24.80"--Suitable for 48in toddlers

Size XS/6M/60-----Length:15.35"----Pants length:14.17"--Suitable for 24in infants
Size S/9M/70-------Length:16.73"----Pants length:15.55"--Suitable for 28in infants
Size M/12M/80-----Length:18.11"----Pants length:16.93"--Suitable for 31in infants
Size L/24M/90------Length:19.48"----Pants length:18.30"--Suitable for 34in infants