Elderberry, Bee Propolis, and Echinacea | Kids Cold Fighting Gummies by SQUIGGLES, 100 Count


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Brand: Squiggles


  • FULL 200mg SAMBUCUS NIGRA ELDERBERRY - Elderberry flavonoids bind with the bad germs and viruses helping to fight off childrens colds.
  • SUPER ANTIOXIDANT: Full doses in sambucus elderberry, bee propolis, echinacea, and added boost of vitamin C for a powerful cold-fighting antioxidant.
  • NO HYPE YUMMY: Gummy vitamins aren't candy, but kids expect them to taste like it. Several brands have low marks on taste. Try Squiggles and you won't be disappointed.
  • LOW SUGAR: Face it, sugar-free gummies are hard to make kids love, so instead we focused on great flavor with low sugar and stayed away from high fructose corn syrup.
  • ALL-NATURAL: No artificial anything in here. Simple ingredients with safe natural preservatives like black carrots and natural flavors. Vegan too.

Publisher: KM Products LLC


This virus-smashing, immune-boosting, all-natural trio tastes so good that even picky kids will love them. When parents are sick, take medicine and keep away from children, just like the bottle says! But, for rounding out immune defenses and cold fighting for our little ones, you can't beat Elderberry, Bee Propolis, Echinacea, and good 'ole Vitamin C. Double up the dose when actively fighting a cold, or a regular daily dose when you are trying to prevent a cold.

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