Feidoog Knitted Baby Girls Cardigan Sweater Toddler Knit Button up Cardigan Sweater Outwear


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Brand: Feidoog


  • ❀Material: Cotton, breathable fabric, comfortable and soft
  • ❀BUTTON FRONT CLOSURE.Button design makes knitting newborn baby sweater outfit easier for baby to wear, give baby a more comfortable dress experience.
  • ❀SECURITY.Adopt safe raw materials,no harsh chemicals against baby's thinner skin.Button suture firmly makes crochet infant girl sweater more safe to avoid baby mistakenly eating.
  • ❀Thick tightly knit sweater,soft and warm, comfortable for spring & autumn wearing
  • ❤Attention:Some customers reflect this sweater size is large, please choose the smaller size because babies at the same age may have different height.

Details: ❤100% cotton ,soft and comfortable to wear,No fade, No deformation.

❤Round-neck, classic little girls cardigan is elegant, soft, classy and comfortable.

❤Quality- We focuses on soft cotton, safe fabric and novel design.

❤The collection abides by the belief that kids should always be comfortable,snuggly and safe, free to do what they do best: play, sleep and thrive.

❤This girl warm sweater does not have any bad smell which is important because we know kids' skin is sensitive.

❤Washing attention:

1.Girls cotton sweater washing to use neutral detergent, can not use detergent,for fiber fabric,its alkaline is too strong,and the fiber is not alkali.

2.Washing infant girl sweater,can not force rubbing,twisting twist,so as not to cause sweater deformation;only gently rubbing.

3.If the baby white sweater dyeing fastness is good,can be washed with warm water.

Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.7 x 2.4 inches