Fever Scout, Soft, Wearable, Smart Thermometer, continuously Measure Temperature, Accurate, Medical Grade, FDA Cleared, Remote Monitoring on Smartphone

Fever Scout

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Brand: Fever Scout

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  • Soft, flexible, wearable patch that gently adheres to your skin using medical grade adhesives.
  • Continuous remote monitoring that tracks your temperature seamlessly.
  • Rechargeable battery and portable charger lets you access Fever Scout when you need it.

Publisher: VivaLnk, Inc.

Details: Fever Scout the new kind of fever thermometer, parents are using to continuously monitor their child when they're feeling sick or ill. Fever scout is a soft wearable smart thermometer worn under the armpit that continuously measures temperature and wirelessly sends that information to your smartphone through our app. This information is transmitted through low-energy Bluetooth and can also be shared with other users (e.g. another parent) via the cloud. Fever scout is not just a baby thermometer, whether it is to monitor your baby, kid, parent or husband it is a wireless smart thermometer for those of any age. Rechargeable and reusable fever scout is constantly monitoring your baby or loved one’s body temperature updating every minute. Parents can set a temperature alert through the app. When temperature goes past set alert app detects a spike in fever sending fever alerts even when your phone is in sleep mode. Through the app you can also log child’s flu or fever symptoms and cold or flu medicine, great info to share with your doctor or physician. It's the perfect baby gift for new moms and dads to help them have some peace of mind through those restless nights when their kid is sick.

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