HealthyLine Soft Full-Body Pro Heating Pad with Far Infrared Heat Therapy for Muscle and Joint Pain Management (74inx28in)


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Brand: HealthyLine

Color: Far Infrared Heat Melts Away Pain


  • 11 BENEFITS of HOT STONE FAR INFRARED THERAPY - intended to fight cold, detoxify body, enhance lymphatic drainage, burn fat and control weight. It encourages Serotonin, Enzymes, and Heat Shock Proteins biosynthesis, improves metabolism, blood circulation and immune system
  • HIGHER TEMPERATURES - using this infrared heating pad at higher temperatures for longer periods of time may temporary reverse hypothermia associated with chronic maladies
  • LOWER TEMPERATURE - the lower temperature sessions will help you to restore healthy sleeping and night rest
  • NEGATIVE IONS - natural Crystals in the mat produce negative ions when heated. Negative ions are like the anti-oxidants of the air. Negative Ions can neutralize free radicals (positive ions) in and around you. Negative ions may improve your mood, decrease stress, increase energy, improve your immune system and leave you feeling rejuvenated
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY AND 30 DAYS RETURN - 1 YEAR WARRANTY AND 30 DAYS RETURN -【Ask About Price Match Guarantee】this set includes SOFT MAT FULL PRO 7428, controller, carrying case, product manual, waterproof cover, 1 Mylar thermal blanket

Publisher: HealthyLine

Details: This FIR (far infrared rays) heating pad with negative ion and hot stone therapy uses crystals like jade, amethyst, and tourmaline to alleviate pain, aches, and inflammation. Jade, tourmaline, and amethyst gemstones emit negative ions which revitalize cell metabolism, enhance immune function, and purify the blood. This infrared pad works well as a back, foot, or seat heating mat. Great for use on massage tables or as a yoga mat. HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad is FDA registered mat and includes a carrying case.The dimensions are 74 inches x 28 inches x 1.2 inches and weighs 24 pounds.

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