Joyshare Pounding Bench Wooden Toy with Mallet hammering Block Punch and Drop Instruments


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  • 😄WHY DO BABY LOVE TO BEAT? - In the process of growing up and exploring, the baby more than 7 months wants to understand the relationship between various objects and the results of the actions. The way to understand is to tap different objects.It's PERFECT for ages 2+
  • 😄SAFE PRODUCT - Joyshare montessori toys for toddlers:Durable and child safe,Smooth and no burrs,high quality solid wood,environmental non-toxic paint.
  • 😄WAY OF PLAYING - Let the baby pinch the small hammer and be free to beat.Bash down vivid colored wooden pegs down through the holes to create a flat workbench.Turn the whole thing over and start again.
  • 😄FINE MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - Hand eye coordination, manipulation, promotes dexterity, arm movement, cause and effect.Babies, toddlers, & even girls & boys will love this toy as a birthday gift.
  • 😄EDUCATIONAL EXERCISE - The sound of the beat stimulates the baby's initial voice practice and stimulates the baby's curiosity;Inspires color-learning and musical exploration.

Publisher: Joyshare

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About product:
Product size:8.4*3.7*4.1inch
Product weight:1.32lb
When the child reaches the age of one year, he or she will like to beat. This toy will be his repeated toys.Train your baby's big movements and hand-eye coordination to guide your baby to strengthen their brain control and hands-on ability. Beating products are suitable training games.
Easy to carry:Space Saving Design: Simple enough to spread out on floors, tables, and even on highchair trays and it is compact enough to pack into a diaper bag or backpack for instant fun whoever you go.
Maintenance Instructions:
1.Don't wash: wooden toys will swell and deform when exposed to water. Don't wash toys directly with water.
2.Wipe with a semi-dry cloth: Usually we can gently wipe the surface of the building with a clean rag or handkerchief.
3.Don't put in a damp place: you need to put the toy in a ventilated place to dry it.4.Can not be exposed to the sun: exposure to sunlight can cause cracks in the paint surface, affecting the appearance.
Wooden toys are a continuation of the life of the tree. If it can be well maintained, it will accompany the child's entire childhood.
About us:
We believe that the best toys are powered by creativity and imaginative.Our mission is to deliver quality, safe and affordable products, which are responsibly sourced and complement childhood through fun, exploration and learning.
Note: The tightness between the pegs and the hole has been tested many times. Because the child's strength is relatively small, our designers recommend a moderate degree of tightness so that children can easily get the pegs into the sense of accomplishment. Our aprons are custom made and the quality is very good. After a long time of knocking, the inner apron may be slightly loose. This is normal and I hope you can understand it.

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Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 4.4 x 3.9 inches