LANACARE Baby Sweater in Organic Merino Wool



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Brand: LANACare


  • Made of soothingly soft KbT, GOTS, IVN Best Certified Organic Merino Wool.
  • Traditional Scandinavian style - no pulling over baby's head. Side closures.
  • Wool's natural lanolin gives self-cleansing properties, minimizing need for washing.
  • For best results, wash by hand with lanolin-containing woolwash to retain self-cleansing properties.
  • European size corresponds to baby's length in centimeters. 1 inch = 2.5 cm. Age in months is estimate.

Publisher: UAB LNA

Details: Traditional Scandinavian Baby Sweater in KbT, GOTS, IVN Best Certified Organic Merino Wool.
Natural fibers breathe for comfort in warmth or cold.
Untreated organic wool can absorb up to 40% of its own weight in moisture before feeling damp. And wool continues to give warmth even when it feels wet, unlike other textiles.
Wool's natural lanolin content provides self-cleansing properties, minimizing need for frequent washing.
Many woolen items are treated with chemicals to make them machine-washable. No such chemicals are used on the wool which LANACare products are made of. Best care is to hand-wash occasionally in lanolin-replenishing soap to maintain wool's natural self-cleansing properties.
European sizing correlates with baby's full-length in centimeters, even for hats.
50 = 20 inches.
62 = 24.5 inches.
74 = 29 inches.
80 = 31.5 in.
86 = 34 inches.
Choose size based on your baby's full length.
Formerly produced in Denmark, now made in the European Union country of Lithuania.