Mejale Baby Shoes Soft Sole Leather Crawling Moccasins Cartoon Fox Infant Toddler First Walker Slippers



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Brand: Mejale


  • Made of genuine soft Leather, slip-on shoes with elastic ankle, great shoes between a sock and a shoe for beginning crawlers and walkers.
  • Flexible non-slip suede sole, super comfortable and easy to put on and take off, they can stretch and retract onto the feet.
  • The shoes are really well made with cartoon pattern, very streamline, that do not have the fringe curling up everywhere.
  • Many parents recommend this shoes for learning to crawl, walk or run, as the shoes can protect baby soft tops of their feet from scratching up on the playground surface.
  • Please pay attention to choose a right size for your baby according to our size chart. And please clean the shoes with damp cloth, not machine.

Details: Soft sole baby shoes of brand Mejale, 100% genuine leather, non-slip wide sole is brushed on for comfort and protection.
All our shoes have an elastic ankle so they are put on easily and remain on little feet, even though the shoes run bigger than the feet, the elastic band still helps the shoes stay on well.
The leather has been tested for safety and is completely free of any nasty chemicals.
Parents and pediatricians recommend this kind of soft leather shoes before any other type of first hard sole shoes. The soft leather protect soft baby bones, and make the feet growing more naturally. If your baby keeps slipping in socks, or they don't want to wear hard sole shoes, then you can try this soft sole shoes, they can work perfectly, giving the needed traction and providing excellent support during your baby is learning to crawl, walk or run.

Our size ranges:
4-5 US toddler, 0-6 months, sole length: 4.7 in/12 cm
5-6 US toddler, 6-12 months, sole length: 5.1 in/13 cm
6-7 US toddler, 12-18 months, sole length: 5.5 in/14 cm
7-8 US toddler, 18-24 months, sole length: 5.9 in/15 cm
8-9 US toddler, 24-36 months, sole length: 6.2 in/15.7 cm
The age is just as reference, please choose the size according to your baby feet length. If your baby feet is 12cm long, please choose the shoes at 0.7cm longer, because baby feet need room to grow into.

PS: We ship the shoes in a bag, not in a box, so they may be quite squished when you get, please don't worry, I promise the shoes will slowly go back into shape after a few wears.