OAKI Kids Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles, Pirate Treasure, 5T US Toddler


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Brand: OAKI

Color: Pirate Treasure


  • COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY & FREE RETURNS. OAKI stands by its products with a comprehensive 6-month warranty. You can have peace of mind when purchasing OAKI Loop Handle Rain boots.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN. OAKI boots for kids and toddlers are designed to keep feet dry and clean in the muckiest of puddles. Zero-drop heel and durable rubber sole are perfect for exploring, jumping, and all-day play. OAKI sole design makes walking easier for young children.
  • WATERPROOF AND ODOR FIGHTING MATERIAL. Boots are made with a proprietary rubber blend designed for better flex and rebound and reduced odor. Rubber resists water while keeping feet comfortable and dry.
  • EASY ON HANDLES. Hang them up to dry, hook them to a backpack, or store them out of the way in a closet. Loop handles are perfect for storage and portability. Handles are pressed and sealed into the boot for improved strength. Ergonomic design helps kids dress themselves. Less stress for grown-ups!
  • OUR MISSION. OAKI's mission is to let kids be kids. We design each and every product so kids can worry about kids things like building that amazing fort, or spotting a great big fish, and you can feel good knowing they are comfortable and dry.

Publisher: OAKI

Details: Oakiwear Kids Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles are made with children's outdoor adventures in mind. Whether your child is on a hunting or camping trip, fishing, or even just playing outside in the rain, these breathable, waterproof boots will protect your child's feet and provide an extra layer of insulation for added warmth. Oakiwear Kids Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles are designed to keep up with and accommodate your child's active, adventurous side. With their flat soles and zero-drop heels, Oakiwear Kids Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles help to grip wet surfaces, minimizing slips and falls. These boots are made with a high-comfort, flexible rubber material, making rainy day playtime a delight for your child. The simple design of these children's rain boots is geared towards maximum comfort and convenience, both for kids and parents. With easy pull-on handles, these boots slid on just as easily as shoes. These boots have a 100% cotton interior for maximum comfort and warmth. Additionally, they are lightweight and as easy to put on and remove. Oakiwear Kids Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles are a snap for parents when it comes to cleaning and care. The minimal care required with these Oakiwear Kids Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles means you can spend more time with your kids instead of cleaning up after them. At Oakiwear, we are concerned not only with the functionality and comfort of our outdoor adventure wear but with style as well. Oakiwear Kids Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles are a fun and colorful addition to most rainy day outfits and are designed to appeal to boys and girls of all ages. These boots come in a variety of fun colors, so there's something for everyone. At Oakiwear, our mission is to get kids outdoors. Don't let the lack of equipment or low quality keep you indoors. Oakiwear has everything you need.

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