On Becoming Pre-Toddlerwise: From Babyhood to Toddlerhood (Parenting Your Twelve to Eighteen Month Old)

Hawksflight Publishing, LLC

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Author: Gary Ezzo

Format: Unabridged

Publisher: Hawksflight Publishing, LLC

Release Date: 27-06-2018


The period between 12 and 18 months places a child on a one-way bridge to the future. Infancy is a thing of the past and toddlerhood is straight ahead. A baby still? Not really, but neither is he a toddler, and that is the key to understanding this phase of growth. 

This is a period of great exchange: baby food is exchanged for table food; the highchair for booster seat; finger-feeding replaced with spoon; babbling sounds transition to speaking, the first unsteady steps are conquered by strides of confidence, and the list goes on. 

Moving forward at a lighting pace, pre-toddlers are driven toward a new level of independence, equipped with a mind of their own. 

Whether a parent is ready or not, a toddler's natural inclination and challenge of "I do myself" will become increasingly apparent, not to mention frustrating. The drive toward independence is very strong, yet unpredictable. He is always in motion and not easily restrained, directed, or controlled, but he needs to be! Boundaries will be tested, rules understood as suggestions, and curiosity will become a force with which to reckon. 

How will a parent meet the unfolding challenges? The answer begins with understanding the various growth transitions of the 180 days linking babyhood with toddlerhood.    

Come join 26-year pediatrician Dr. Robert Bucknam MD and coauthor Gary Ezzo MA and the community of six million homes in all 50 states and around the world that are finding peace and success with their children in the On Becoming best-selling series!

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