Peg + Cat: Peg's Messy Room

Candlewick Entertainment

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Author: Jennifer Oxley

Brand: Candlewick Entertainment

Number Of Pages: 24

Publisher: Candlewick Entertainment

Release Date: 16-10-2018

Details: Who knew math could help you clean your room? Sorting is the solution when Peg and Cat need to whip things into shape before guests arrive.

Peg and Cat have invited some friends over to see Cat’s new drawing called Circles. But now Peg and Cat have a really big problem: Peg’s room is super messy, and the guests are on their way! Luckily, Peg has an idea: what if they sort things out by sorting? Can separating things by shape, color, or size help them put all the stuff away in time — even when balls and balloons and CDs and Frisbees coming spilling out of the closet at the last minute?Comes with bonus stickers!

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