Simple Spectrum Supplement Powder - 30 Servings - High-Potency Multivitamin/Mineral for Kids and Adults

Simple Spectrum Supplement

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Brand: Simple Spectrum Supplement


  • ✅ IT'S SIMPLE: Nutritional Help for Your Kid. Discover the difference by adding to your cart today.
  • ✅ NO SUGAR ADDED: This makes it healthier for your kiddo; To cover the taste of vitamins, mix the powder in juice, smoothie, pasta sauce, etc.
  • ✅ A STEP ABOVE THE REST: Enhanced with Nutrients and Bioactive Compounds not found in a most children's vitamins; In higher doses not found in store-bought vitamins
  • ✅ YOUR ONE-OF-A-KIND KIDDO DESERVES A BETTER LIFE: This unique formula is based on Scientific Research and Clinical Trials showing effectiveness.
  • ✅ CONTAINS NO: Artificial Ingredients, Casein, Gluten, GMO's, Preservatives, Soy

Publisher: Simple Spectrum Supplement

Details: From the Founder of Super Spectrum Kids comes Simple Spectrum:
"We developed Simple Spectrum because we couldn't find an affordable, high-quality supplement made with the bioavailable forms of nutrients specifically for kids on the spectrum that was free from allergens and artificial ingredients. Simple Spectrum is the perfect blend of just what your kiddos need to fill the nutritional gaps."

Your Child Deserves The Best Support Possible
Ignite your child's special spark with a nutritional supplement specifically made to boost brain health and development in kids.

Simple Spectrum contains a nourishing blend of vitamins and minerals designed to support growing minds.

This premium supplement is designed to provide the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system with extra support for individuals on the spectrum by addressing potential dietary deficits.

What is in Simple Spectrum?
The highest quality vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in the best bioavailable forms.
What's not? All the added junk other vitamin brands like to through in.

Mix With a food or juice your child loves!
 Juice  Apple Sauce  Smoothie Mac & Cheese  Etc
Powder has NO SUGAR ADDED. This is healthier for your child but means it has a mild vitamin taste to it.

A Simple Mission with Profound Results
It's amazing what your child's brain can accomplish when given the right tools. By addressing potential dietary deficits found in the typical 21st Century diet, Simple Spectrum provides the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system. Add to your cart to discover the difference the right building blocks can make to your child's overall wellbeing.

About the Founders

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